JZ picture Jonas Zmuidzinas
Professor of Physics
George W. Downs Laboratory of Physics
California Institute of Technology, 320-47
Pasadena, CA 91125

Ph106b (Winter 2004)
Ph106c (Spring 2004)

Curriculum Vitae

Submillimeter Astrophysics at Caltech
Cornell-Caltech Atacama Telescope (CCAT)
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Conference proceedings, etc.

2004 Papers:
Superconducting detectors and mixers for millimeter and submilimeter astrophysics
Antennas for bolometric focal planes
Fabrication of wide-IF 200-300 GHz superconductor-insulator-superconductor mixers with suspended metal beam leads formed on silicon-on-insulator
The future of far-IR/submillimeter astrophysics with single-dish telescopes
The large Atacama submillimeter telescope
Far-infrared/submillimeter imager-polarimeter using distributed antenna-coupled transition edge sensors
Low-noise SIS mixer for far-infrared radio astronomy
THz instrumentation for the Herschel Space Observatory's heterodyne instrument for far infrared
Heterodyne instrumentation upgrade at the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory
Z-Spec: a broadband millimeter-wave grating spectrometer: design, construction, and first cryogenic measurements

2003 Papers:
A broadband superconducting detector suitable for use in large arrays
Thermal noise and correlations in photon detection
The line-of-sight distribution of water in the Sgr B2 complex
A 12CO J=6-5 map of M82: the significance of warm molecular gas
Cramer-Rao sensitivity limits for astronomical instruments: implications for interferometer design

2002 Papers:
SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments Conference (Waikoloa, HI)
WaFIRS, a waveguide far-IR spectrometer: enabling spectroscopy of high-z galaxies in the far-IR and submillimeter
Transition edge superconducting antenna-coupled bolometer
Superconducting Kinetic Inductance Photon Detectors
Z-Spec: a broadband, direct-detection millimeter-wave spectrometer
SIS mixer design for a broadband millimeter spectrometer suitable for rapid line surveys and redshift determinations

NASA Long-wavelength detector workshop (Monterey, CA)
Antenna-coupled bolometer arrays for astrophysics
WAFIRS, a waveguide far-IR spectrometer: enabling space-borne spectroscopy of high-z galaxies in the far-IR and submm
SAMBA: superconducting antenna-coupled multi-frequency bolometric array
Transition-edge superconducting antenna-coupled bolometer
A wide-bandwidth low-noise SIS receiver design for millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths
The millimeter-wave properties of superconducting microstrip lines
Coherent detection and SIS mixers
Multiplexable Kinetic Inductance Detectors

NASA New concepts for far-infrared and submillimeter space astronomy workshop (College Park, MD)
Role of coherent detection

2001 Papers:
A wideband lag correlator for heterodyne spectroscopy of broad astronomical and atmospheric spectral lines
Multiplexable Kinetic Inductance Detectors (LTD-9, Madison WI)
Atomic oxygen abundance in molecular clouds: Absorption toward Sagittarius B2

2000 and earlier (partial list):

A dual-polarized quasi-optical SIS mixer at 550 GHz
CASIMIR: a submillimeter heterodyne spectrometer for SOFIA
A 4-8 GHz Quasi-MMIC IF amplifire for a 690 GHz SIS receiver
Very high current density Nb/AlN/Nb tunnel junctions for low--noise submillimeter mixers
Low-noise submillimeter-wave NbTiN superconducting tunnel junction mixers
Supermix: a flexible software library for high-frequency circuit simulation, including SIS mixers and superconducting elements
Fast harmonic balance of SIS mixers with multiple junctions and superconducting circuits
A 530-GHz Balanced Mixer
A 96 GHz ortho--mode transducer for the Polatron
A dual--polarized slot antenna for millimeter waves
Development of SIS mixers for 1 THz (SPIE '98)
Progress in Coherent Detection Methods (Zermatt '98)
Discovery of Interstellar Hydrogen Fluoride
Quasi--optical SIS mixers with normal metal tuning structures
Millimeter and submillimeter techniques
Characterization of low--noise quasi--optical SIS mixers for the submillimeter band
Characterization of submillimeter quasi-optical twin--slot double--junction SIS mixers
Low-noise 1 THz niobium superconducting tunnel junction mixer with normal metal tuning circuit
THz SIS mixers with normal metal Al tuning circuits
HCl Absorption Toward Sagittarius B2
Shot noise and photon-induced correlations in 500 GHz SIS detectors
Low noise slot antenna SIS mixers
Measurements of noise in Josephson-effect mixers
Two-junction tuning circuits for submillimeter SIS mixers
492 GHz quasioptical SIS receiver for submillimeter astronomy
Quasi-optical Josephson-junction oscillator arrays
A 100 GHz Josephson mixer using resistively-shunted Nb tunnel junctions
Quasi--Optical Slot Antenna SIS Mixers
Analysis of Zeeman effect data in radio astronomy
Ionized carbon in side-illuminated molecular clouds
A corner-reflector mixer mount for far infrared wavelengths
Heterodyne spectroscopy of the J=17-16 CO line in Orion
Neutral atomic carbon in dense molecular clouds
Heterodyne spectroscopy of the 158 micron C II  line in M42
Observations of neutral atomic carbon at 809 GHz