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Darren Dowell -- (626)395-6675 (office), -2600 (lab), 796-8806 (FAX)
This page mainly contains links to information regarding SHARC II development.


JFET electrical tests (NJ132L and GSFC)

Stimulator (IR source) tests

Sichrome load resistor tests

Bismuth absorber measurements

Bolometer Test Report May 2000

CSO1 R vs. T Report December 2000, v. 9 -- Microsoft Word

CSO1 R vs. T Report December 2000, v. 9 -- HTML (Font problems)

Bolometer Time Constant Report 18 April 2001, v. 5 -- Microsoft Word

Addendum to Bolometer Time Constant Report 7 February 2001, v. 2 -- Microsoft Word

Thermal conductance plot

Heat capacity plot

Time constant plot

CSO1 Folded Array Tests

Detector calculations

SHARC II status/schedule

SHARC II documentation

SHARC II software

SHARC II presentations

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