Beam Efficiency/Optics

280-420 GHz AlN Mixer
Balanced Mixers
345 GHz Correlation Mixer

Balanced Mixer Theory
Radial Probe Wg Transition
Quadrature Hybrid Design
SIS Junctions (JPL)
Power Amplifiers (JPL)
CSO IF Design
Corrugated Feedhorn
4-8 GHz CTT Total Power
SIS Rx Stability (Allan Var.)

Sideband Seperating Mixer
HEB THz Mixer Stability
HEB IF Impedance/Gain
4-8 GHz LNA (Chalmers)

Tuning Instructions (Old Rx)
Biasing Multipliers (Old Rx)

180-280 GHz Wg-Receiver
280-400 GHz Wg-Receiver
400-500 GHz Wg-Receiver
600-725 GHz Wg-Receiver
780-920 GHz Wg-Receiver
780-950 GHz Twin-Slot Rx
NbTiN Homepage

1-2 GHz Balanced LNA
IF Matching Network
Cryostat Information
4 wire Bias Schematic

Useful Material properties


CSO Heterodyne Instrumentation Homepage

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Mixer Block Hardware
230/460 Balanced Mixers

Focal Plane Unit
MaunaKea, Hawaii

CSO at night, 2006

Geographic Southpole

Jacob at the Southpole in Visual

SPIE, Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, 21-25 June, 2004.

The CSO and AST/RO are at a physical altitude of 4200 and 3200 meters respectively.
Picture of the CSO was taken during full moon, (400ASA, 1 minute exposure)
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