4-8 GHz InP based Low Noise Amplifier
Chalmers University of technology, Sweden
Niklas Wadefalk, Piotr Starski, and Eric Kollberg

Last Updated December 29, 2005

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N. Wadefalk, A. Mellberg, I. Angelov, M. Barsky, S. Bui, E. Choumas, R. Grundbacher, E. Kollberg,
R. Lai, N. Rorsman, P. Starski, J. Stenarson, D. Streit, and H. Zirath,

IEEE, Trans. Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol. 51, No. 6, pp. 1705-1711, June 2003.

I. Angelov, N. Wadefalk, J. Stenarson, E. Kollberg, P. Starski, and H. Zirath,

Presented at IEEE MTT-S 2000

J. Stenarson, N. Wadefalk, M. Garcia, I. Angelov, H. Zirath,

30th European Microwave conference, 2000

     TRW InP HEMT Performance:  
  •      Mitsubishi MGFC4419 GaAs HEMT's:  

  •      S-parameters measurements:  

  •      Miscellaneous views of the amplifier  

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