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    Please note that the WG mixer has been replaced with a NbTiN based SIS twin-slot Mixer and new Optics in January 2000. The Receiver Noise Temperature was reduced by half (250K), which is primarily due to the ellimination of RF film loss in the high Tc NbTiN material.     

Related Papers:
J.W. Kooi, P.L. Schaffer, B. Bumble, R. LeDuc, and T.G. Phillips

Proceedings International Society of Optical Engineers, Kona, Hawaii, March 1998.

J.W. Kooi, J. Pety, B. Bumble, C.K. Walker, H.G. LeDuc P.L. Schaffer, and T.G. Phillips,

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Waveguide Mixer Information
See also:

     850 GHz Tuning Data:  

  • Frequency response of the 850 GHz receiver (12.2K)  
  • Properly tuned mixer at 822 GHz (12.7K).  
  • Local Oscillator requirement for the 850 GHz receiver (8.5K).

         Mixer and membrane Related Images:  

  • 1 um Silicon Nitride membrane mounted in mixer block (114K).  
  • Auto-Cad 3D isometric view of the membrane and waveguide (10K).  
  • 1 um Silicon Nitride membrane front and back view side by side (97K).  
  • 1 um Silicon Nitride membrane large front view showing RF matching network (151K).  
  • 850 GHz mixer block during preliminary testing (156K).  
  • Auto-Cad rendering of the non-contacting circular backshort and E-plane tuners (20K)

         Niobium Loss above the Superconducting Energy Gap:  

  • Optical loss (including nb film loss) at 822 GHz (9.5K).  
  • Input impedance of the Radial Stub RF matching network (112K).  
  • 700-1000 GHz calculated and measured film loss in the Radial and "End-loaded" stub RF matching network (8.2K).  
  • 850 GHz Junction Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) Response (11.7K).

         Cooled Optics:  

  • Optics loss at 822 GHz using the intersecting lines technique (8K).  
  • Auto-Cad 3D isometric view of the cooled optics in cryostat (20K).  
  • 850 Cooled optics mounted in cryostat (115K).  
  • 850 GHz measured Beam in 3D (20K).

         850 GHz Receiver Installation, Aug 1996 :  

  • Allen Guyer Installing 850 GHz receiver on relay Optics(dec 1996), (133K)  
  • 850 GHz receiver installation at the CSO (Aug 1996), (140K)  
  • 850 GHz complete receiver test at the CSO (Aug 1996), (171K)
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