280 - 420 GHz Single Ended Receiver

Last Updated 26 June, 2006

Measured Noise Temperature March 2006

345 GHz Single Mixer Block

Total Power Allan Variance

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J.W. Kooi, G. Chattopadhyay, S. Withington, F. Rice, J. Zmuidzinas, C.K. Walker, and G. Yassin

IR & MM Waves, Vol. 24, No. 3, March 2003.

Spie 2004, Glasgow.

First Light Orion IRC2

Fts and Mixer Conversion Gain

Rx Noise CSO, CO3-2 (345 GHz)

Phot vs LO Power

345 GHz Phot(17C) and Pcold

Mixer Gain vs LO Power

Mixer Gain vs B-field

Effect B-field on I/V Curve

Barney Cryostat

Pat Nelson and Allan Guyer with Barney

345 GHz Junction WG

Mixer Block Detail
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