General 230 GHz Tuning

230 GHz Receiver Tuning in Detail

  1. Note: The 210-270 GHz and 180-220 GHz Mulipliers have NO micrometers and are self biased!!
    LO Procedure: Do Nothing, except for locking the Gunn
    Rx Tuning Procedure: Refer to the Receiver Tuning Cookbook.
  2. Bias the junction to
  3. Set the Magnetic field Current to about 20-35 mA (+ or -).
  4. Monitor the and recheck from time to time that the is still in lock.
  5. Optimum juncton current is typically about 9-11uA.
  6. From now on the tuning process is iterative. That is, optimize the SIS current by adusting the:
  7. When finished tuning, make a final check of the Any Josephson oscillations will seriously effect the receiver stability.
  8. Make sure the is set to 2.35-2.45 mV.
  9. Refer to Tuning Hints. to make sure that there is no second photon step!!
  10. Finally it is best to put the SIS bias voltage on a flat spot of the P/V curve (dP/dV=0). This is critical because in this way the
  11. Please do remember to the total power on the Sky when all is set and done and you are ready to observe! This guarantees that the AOS are presented with a fixed IF power level.
  12. Last but not least, do perform standard Y-factor measurements to make sure that the receiver properly works
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