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The background-limited infrared-submillimeter spectrograph (BLISS) is a far-IR spectrograph concept for SPICA. The philosophy of BLISS is to provide a rapid survey spectroscopy capability over the full far-IR range. The baseline approach is a suite of broadband grating spectrometer modules with transition-edge superconducting (TES) bolometers.

NASA ROSES 2009 amendment soliciting SPICA participation concept studies (from NSPIRES web site)

BLISS / SPICA Decadal Working Directory including Astro2010 white paper, RFI responses, and references

US Far-IR Astrophysics Community Decadal Site

BLISS instrument resource estimates (mass, power, etc) working directory

BLISS poster from Jan 2009 Long Beach AAS (page size)

Programmatic overview in briefing for Jon Morse on 2008 November 5

BASS SMEX Proposal January 2008

Further scientific and technical information can be found in the BLISS SPIE papers.

More information on SPICA can be found at the: SPICA Website and in a presentation from mission PI Takao Nakagawa to the US community in August 2008.

Progress in ultrasensitive TES detectors for BLISS.

More background information on BLISS, can be found at the BLISS workshop / documents page

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