Held November 8, 2004, at Caltech


In response to growing interest from observers on how to reduce SHARC-II data, we held a one day workshop at Caltech. Roughly 25 people attended the full day event. The morning session consisted mainly of Caltech based staff presenting an overview of the system and data reduction methodology, while the afternoon was intended as a "round table" discussion, with external observers presenting maps they had trouble with, and the group providing assistance in near real-time.

The workshop was intended to promote the publication of SHARC-II data.


Available files

There are 3 powerpoint presentations available for download (or viewing online). The first (and largest) contains the bulk of the material, and the other two are Attila's CRUSH presentation, plus Alex van Engelen's noise characterization presentation. I also include something Dominic wrote up that I found excellent and useful. I may update these files in the future, so I am keeping version numbers on them. Please let me know if you spot any errors.

Download HTML version
General Presentation (Contributions from all Caltech SHARC-II users)
1.0 (Nov 23/05)
Powerpoint HTML
CRUSH (by Attila Kovacs)
1.0 (Nov 23/05)
Powerpoint HTML
Atmospheric analysis with SHARC-II data (By Alex van Engelen)
Animations available at Alex's web page.
1.0 (Nov 23/05)
Powerpoint HTML
Minutes taken by Dominic Benford
1.0 (Nov 23/05)



The IDL routines for making publication quality images can be cut and paste directly from the powerpoint file, or just click here.. We also mentioned that you can use the IRAM utilities. We use "GRAPHIC" but according to the IRAM Software Web Page, it is being replaced by a more recent set of utilities. Please refer to that. However, Min Yang has kindly provided an example script for GRAPHIC than you can download by clicking here.

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