NFS Timeout

Very rarely, you will notice that the client is spending a LONG time copying a file at the end of an integration. Eventually, the IRC server will report something like this:
NFS write failed for server
champinux: error 5 (RPC: Timed out)
2004-04-08 01:09:30 IO exception copying file:
2004-04-08 01:09:30 Connection timed out
NFS write failed for server champinux: error 3 (RPC: Unable to send)
NFS write failed for server champinux: error 3 (RPC: Unable to send)
04-04-08 01:10:24 "DSP Data" detected a data gap of 2816 frames between
frames 22696362 - 22797774
DMA Read check': 98309
2004-04-08 01:10:25 Lost sync with DSP, sequence number read:22795074
Exception writing SocketChannel: null

The solution is :

1. Close the IRC client on kilauea.
2. In an xterm on kilauea, type:
ps -ef | grep java
3. Kill any JAVA processes you see (if any).
4. Go to the xterm that is running the SERVER. Type "exit" [RETURN]
5. That should give you a sharcii prompt. Do the ps command as in step 2. 6. Kill any java 1.4 processes. DO NOT kill java 1.2 processes, since those run the fridge.
7. In that same xterm, do:
cp -p /home/data0/sharc/fits/sharc2-XXXXXX.fits /home/transfer/sharcii/current/
where XXXXXX is the 6 digit scan number that failed to copy and generated the error. YYYYmmm is the 4digit year and 3 character month name (lower case). If this command generates an error, check to see that data file and destination directory exist.
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