SHARC II Utilities

You can download a gzipped tarball of Sharc II utilites for either the LINUX or MAC OSX operating system. In both cases, we assume you have the libcfitsio libraries installed in your system. If not, get them from the CFITSIO web page.

The utilities are:
header_update : alters header keywords in maps generated by CRUSH.
boxscan : helps calculate BOX_SCAN parameters for SHARC-II observations.
sharccal : applies a calibration to a reduced sharc2 map
sharcgap : tests a raw sharc2 data file for timing gaps
sharclog : Gets basic information from a SHARC-II raw data file
sharcsmooth : Smooths a SHARC-II map with a Gaussian.
sharcstat : computes basic statistics on a reduced sharc2 map
sharctau : uses Jon Bird's tau fits to extimate tau for a given sharc2 file. You also need the taufit files: 225 GHz or 350 um.

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